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I'm Tamás Renner,

a professional wedding photographer.


Whether you are planning a short or short-sighted wedding or you are planning a half-day or full-day wedding with many guests, you will find a solution to everything in my offer!



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   Where do I live?   

I was born in Budapest, I also lived there for 31 years, but I moved to Siófok 2 years ago, so the Balaton region also receives special attention from me!


However, as a professional wedding photographer, you can count on me all over the country and I will be happy to travel abroad for you if you want me to capture your Big Day! Fortunately, 


   Where do I live?   

Like many, I became acquainted with photography during my travels. In the beginning, it served as a hobby, but as a result of the positive feedback, it was more and more not only entertaining myself, but also my work. I gained practice through trainings, workshops, learning from the best in Hungary, and routine at countless events. I like to take photos in romantic landscapes either at home or abroad, but mostly in Italy. In addition to capturing human moments, I try to maintain that mood.

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   Where do I live?   

Trained at events, polished up in a series of portraits, I walked in nature to the weddings, where there is a little of everything. Intimacy, adventure, excitement, emotions, tears and smiles, unrepeatable moments and a wonderful environment! In addition to experience, I consider my directness to be my greatest weapon!The fact that even after a few minutes of conversation, we will be able to stand in front of each other as if we have known and confessed each other for a thousand years, so it is much easier to take honest pictures and capture intimate moments. I like the rustic environment, the natural, simple, untouched landscapes.

Beyond directness, accuracy, flexibility, reliability, and precise preparation are the hallmarks of my job.

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   Where do I live?   

Since my great love is filming, basically my career started in the video-film profession spiced up with a little bit of graphics, so not surprisingly, it also strongly defines my vision, my style of photography. Every moment is like a frame snatched from a movie scene to me. I try to compose and design the photos as if they were in the mood and layout of a film, and then the post-production confirms this.


In a word: cinematic - ˇlooks like a movie ".


You can find more details and photos here!

Now that others are somewhat known, what do you say? Write to me, whatever ideas you have, we will be able to implement it wherever you have to go for it!

Let’s create memories for life together that they could proudly bring back after many, many years!

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Andi & Márton

Tomi welcomed us as friends from the very first moment. She’s flexible, loose, kind, and that shows in her photos, too. Nothing forced, nothing artificial, just real, experienced moments!

With the "Wedding Season 2021" compilation, you can get an insight into my photography style with my favorite pictures of the 2021 wedding year. Of course, you can also see plenty of other full galleries in the Wedding Photos!

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If you already know what you want or just want to find out, write to me!

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