The biggest recognition for me is always

if they were happy with work

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Judit & Balázs

Tomi, thank you very much for everything. We felt like we were a super small team. In my dream, I would not have thought that we would be able to take photos so smoothly and loosely and thank you very much for that. We met a great person and photographer in you.

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Ági & Ricsi

We were completely satisfied with Tom! The creative photography was in a very good mood and the pictures taken at the wedding were also super, although my husband and I are not too photographers. means a lot). We have modified our ideas several times, but he handled it flexibly every time! We received the photos earlier than described in the contract and the gift photo album was fantastic, I am sure I will be happy to open and view it in 20 years.

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Zsani & Zsombi

Dear Tomi! I took over the album. :) It just became perfect. More than perfect. You have selected the best photos. Thank you very much! We knew it was best to put the recording of the event in our hands. It will be a pleasure to pick up and admire the pictures in years to come, to show them to our grandchildren. You are a genius! We will recommend it to everyone. Good luck! Kiss, Zsombi & Zsani

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Niki & Solid

We have been waiting for the pictures with such curiosity that there are no words for it! So far, only I have watched them spin through, but I have to say .. GOD !!!!!! Wonderful pictures were taken, I am very, very grateful that you managed to capture so much! I already have a favorite or two ... :) I can't wait for Szilárd to see them too! Thank you very much again, I love that we chose you as our photographer! 

Ági & Zsolti

Dear Tomi! Thank you so much for the awesome pictures you took of our wedding! You captured every important moment and mood. :)  Your work is very professional and creative, we can only recommend it to everyone!  :)

Dori & Roli

Our photographer was Tamás Renner, who was amazingly good and relaxed and took beautiful pictures at the wedding and at the wedding. I recommend it mainly to those who can't pose on their own, because Tomi is professional in this too and will solve everything for you.

Melinda & Peti

I also really liked the photos and the album Tomi took of our wedding. He saw and captured the most beautiful moments with a good sense, his personality also contributed a lot to being natural in front of the camera, I think it shows in the end result! I can recommend it to everyone with a good heart!

Kristóf & Nóri

We got some very successful pictures taken at our wedding, and since then I recommend it to everyone I know. :) And now the baby photography is coming to us too;)

Bence & Anna

Great pictures, great style, good photography! Our special photo series has become a sensation and is a very good choice for a wedding! He has incredible eyes for well-captured moments, he sees the little things I wouldn’t even think of. We could trust ourselves completely, and he was open to our needs, we didn’t feel forced, yet the result became both professional and natural. Five stars just because there are no more  :)

Orsi & Viktor

I can only recommend.  Tamás took very nice pictures, a lasting memory.

Brigi & Roli

Thank you very much for working together!

I recommend Tamás with a calm heart. After the first meeting we felt safe, seeing his work, we could count on professional work, so it was! Punctual arrival, pleasant company, good location, good moment, pictures delivered on time.

Thank You!

Medleys band

Accurate, accurate, reliable, and super images!  We haven't been working together for so long, but we'll be back for a long time! I can only recommend!

Anita & Zsolt

He is an excellent professional, extremely courteous and polite. With his flexible attitude, he made the preparations a lot easier. He contributed greatly to the smoothness of the event. His work was characterized by precision and professionalism, which I am very pleased with, I can only recommend.

Tündi & Roli

Everything was more than fantastic on the big day. He came up with great creativity and great ideas and comments. You will see very well the possibilities in the given locations, which will result in an image of eternal experience. We also received the completed photos incredibly quickly. Demanding, Professional and Fast! I recommend him only to everyone if you are looking for a photographer! 


You can release it from the very beginning of photography, and with its helpfulness, you can quickly hit the model's intentions and tastes. It's easy to work with. Vibrant, creative and very professional. I enjoyed every minute of photography, I can only recommend! 

Dorka & Marci

Great photographer, in his pictures the events became more beautiful than the reality was!  It recognizes and captures moments very well!  I can only recommend it to anyone who is looking for a very professional photographer who is at the same time free of artistic subspaces.

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Rita & Zoli

Tomi is a really kind and relaxed person who is there for the given moments, but he does it so discreetly that you can live it intimately, yet a beautiful memory of him is made by his work. With its directness and guidance, it quickly becomes consistent, and with its post-production, it perfects the already completed images! At another time, we will be happy to ask him to preserve an important moment for us, and we wholeheartedly recommend him to you who read these lines.

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Lili & Ádám

Tom was asked to be a photographer for our wedding by one of my acquaintances. It was the best decision! From the first minute, there was consistency, and since we’re not used to the camera, we had a slight fear of whether the wedding photos would work well, plus the creative photos, but Tomi exceeded all our expectations! All the material was delivered on time, everything became beautiful, I can only recommend it if you are looking for a professional photographer, be sure to choose Him!

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Andi & Marci

Tomi welcomed us as friends from the very first moment. She’s flexible, loose, kind, and that shows in her photos, too. Nothing forced, nothing artificial, just real, experienced moments! We had our wedding 3 months ago, since then the pictures, the photo album he made go hand in hand, everyone admires it.

It is a huge advantage to be precise, paying attention to us and our needs. The pictures were taken with extra speed, you can hear a lot of horror stories that in half a year, a year the couples will see their pictures. This is not the case with Tom!

We were also at his wedding photography, and he was also the photographer at our civic wedding. If I remarried, I would still choose her, let's hope we don't.

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Dia & Andris

It is with great happiness that we got to know Tom! We didn’t even work with a professional photographer so we got excited about it, but we were in line from the first moment! We were perfectly satisfied with His work in every way, we think He is the best!

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