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siofok elhagyatott hazak canonf1 (40).jp

Zimmer Frei. Or cimmerferi. Legendary word combination in Hungary. Everyone knows, everyone knows how it worked. Summer, sunlight, shuttles and GDRs in the GDR. Bustle, liver bits, free beach, checkered blanket, red-blue mattress and full house everywhere.

Zimmer Frei and apartment mit dusche ... instead of free wifi, private pool and trendy buildings. All that remains of the magic of the Hungarian sea are the stories, the old atmosphere and smells are gone. There are only heralds left, some houses and characteristic gates refer to that era. New houses, modern villas are being built one after the other on the site of abandoned and then demolished houses.


A special twist in the story is seeing it all in the off-season. When no one is “down,” when those plots are empty, the gardens are weeded out. Who left their cottage in what condition at the end of the summer so they can start cleaning in May. Well, I try to present these moods, perhaps a little time-traveler, through the Golden Shore of Siófok.


After our many small family afternoon walks, these decades of jewelry boxes, small gardens, forgotten chairs outside, and a “time stopped” state that carries so many stories began to appear. It was impossible not to capture these so that everyone could imagine their own story in a scene.


Canon New F-1, CZ Flektogon 35mm f2.4  |  Kodak Gold 200

Call: lab4art  |  Scan: Opticfilm 8100 + SilverFast / CR

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