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Wedding Season 2021


Many people know that my great love is the world of movies and filming. Accordingly, it's not far from my photography style that I'm "thinking in film anyway." Every picture, every moment, appears before my eyes as if it were a movie scene. I compose accordingly, looking for lights, shadows, the right position, as if I were capturing the most important moment of a piece.


In fact, every photo corresponds to a small frame on an imaginary long film strip.


These pictures are taken in the aspect ratio corresponding to the general 3: 2 photos, I have to hand over the photos to the customers in this size as well. But for myself, in retrospect, I can conjure a real cinematic feel from the photos I take when I cut them to a 16: 9, but still 2.35: 1 aspect ratio. These are the dimensions with which we can achieve a truly cinematic effect - however, of course, the image itself is basically cinematic in its layout and character. With the right aspect ratio cut, we can only reinforce this!


This pictorial world and mood is now called the #lookslikefilm effect. It's like a movie. That's how I work.

For the conscious observer, some style marks may soon appear: I like to play with the horizon, the clear backgrounds, I often "open" to the sky in the pictures. I look for dark-light surfaces, sharply contrasting situations, “outside-inside” scenes, symmetrical layouts in the same way. But I could also mention when the background, the environment, the unique circumstances are intentionally emphasized and the original theme, the foreground, becomes secondary. Natural life situations or even the most common "forgotten" objects and the moments that start the imagination through them - all these together create the visual world that makes wedding photography exciting for me.

So here’s my favorite compilation of the 2021 wedding season, served like a movie.

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If you already know what you want or just want to find out, write to me!

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